Master's Degree

Master’s Degree Master of Science Program in Human Resource and Organization Development


Worldwide Perspective Graduates integrate the international knowledge with the local wisdom in order to cope with critical organizational and/or social issues.
Ethics and Morality Graduates demonstrate the main ethical issues and principles used when conducting research and practicing HR profession.
Sustainable Leadership Graduates apply professional knowledge and skills to drive and nurture organizations and/or societies with articulated professional principles.
Human Intelligence Graduates demonstrate social and communication skills in practicing HR profession
Ability to Think Integratively Graduates systematically integrate HROD practices, concepts, researches and theories to reach HROD solutions to create organizational effectiveness in line with organization’s vision.
Receptive Mind Graduates design their practices based on their knowledge about dimensions of diversity and diverse contexts.
Enable HROD Concept Graduates apply current HROD concepts, theories and fundamental knowledge to the real life context.

Master of Management Program in Leadership, Management and Innovation


Leverage change capabilities Diagnosing new change demands and executing changes.
Demonstrating and developing high level of leadership capabilities. (Transformational leadership)
Personal mastery Clarifying vision, setting attainable objectives and carrying out the vision to achieve objectives.
Developing holistic view of life.
Ideation Generating creative ideas, and alternative solutions.
Developing new generated ideas to be creative process.
Communicating new ideas and process to others.
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